L’Or√©al Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil

Thanks to Influenster – I was able to try the new #ExtraordinaryOil system – including a Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Oil – for free for testing purposes. ¬†I absolutely LOVE it. ¬†It made my hair a LOT softer and shinier – while making it look more healthy and taking away any dryness. ¬†My hair is now easier to brush, and looks prettier when I blow dry it and when I air dry it. #spon4loreal ¬†Thanks again to L’Or√©al Paris and Influenster for allowing me to test this!

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One Hour

Productivity at its finest.  One hour can be enough to wear you out for the day.  One hour in New York.

One afternoon while in NYC this summer, we took a sightseeing bus tour around the city. ¬†We sat on the top of a double decker bus for hours and hours, getting off here and there to see the sights. ¬†During one hour, we visited the World Trade Center Memorial and the new One World Trade Center, and then caught the Sightseeing Ferry to go see the Statue of Liberty, the New Jersey coast on the river, and more. ¬†While this wasn’t a ton of stuff done in an hour, we certainly covered a lot of ground and saw a lot of what NYC has to offer.

One hour can show you a lot, if you make the most of it.

Home Turf

5 things in my house that make it a home:

  1. Family room: Where my family relaxes and shares memories.
  2. Kitchen/Dining Room Table: Where meals are served and projects worked on.
  3. Lots of stuff: I don’t think a house is truly a home until you fully live in it, crap and all.
  4. Family: How would a house be a home without the people I love?
  5. Bed: A constant in my ever-changing world.

What I Do When I’m Not Writing

When I’m not writing, I’m doing everything else. ¬†I work part-time at a dance studio teaching tumbling to students ages 5-18. ¬†It is a passion of mine that I don’t take lightly. ¬†I enjoy teaching at the studio and love seeing my students understand things and learn new tricks. ¬†I also spend a lot of time on my small business, Chloe + Isabel by Jen Marks. Through Chloe + Isabel, I sell beautiful jewelry, and work on/create all my own marketing materials and social media accounts.

Besides those two large parts of my life, I do a lot of cleaning and organizing around my home.  I also love DIY projects and crafting.  I love watching Netflix and just hanging out with my family.

This is about all I do when I am not writing.  Spending time with friends and family, and doing  recreational activities is what I do when not writing!

Organized Thoughts Updates!

Lovely Readers and followers of Organized Thoughts,

Just wanted to check in and let you know how things were going here at Organized Thoughts. ¬†I’ve been posting every day because I am enrolled in a Blogging101 course and a Writing101 course through WordPress, and I am LOVING it. ¬†It is great fun and always gives me something to write about. ¬†This is also why all the content hasn’t really had a focus, and has been jumping around a bit.

Ultimately I would like to focus on organization, planner tips, DIYs, crafting, jewelry, style, product reviews, and beauty.  I am hoping to start regularly posting in those categories after my courses are finished.

Let me know if there are other things you would like to see on Organized Thoughts!



Planning/Organization Essentials

Yesterday I was inspired by Into the Looking Glass’ post, Back to School Supplies: Essentials. ¬†I’ve always been into school supplies, and often asked for Staples gift cards as a child when someone wanted ideas for a gift for me. ¬†So yeah, I like office supplies.

I don’t think everyone understands how to take notes, use a planner, and cater to their own learning style. ¬†It is something that takes a lot of practice and even after graduating college you still might not know how to do these things. ¬†What I’ve found is that being prepared is a necessity, and certain tools can help certain people.

Here are my Planning/Organization Essentials

  • A Planner. ¬†It is a must. ¬†There is no way that anyone can remember everything they need to without a planner. ¬†Maybe a paper planner isn’t for you – try a mobile application. ¬†Write down all appointments, to-dos, or notes that come up.
  • Sticky Notes. ¬†These allow for notes or appointments to be written down, but not so permanent as writing it in your planner. ¬†Sticky Notes are also awesome because you can pick them up and take them with you!
  • Stickers. ¬†Stickers are sometimes more visual than anything, but I use lots of stickers to help me plan and organize. ¬†They can separate sections, complement notes, or really anything else you want to do with them!

Those are my 3 essentials for planning/organization.  With those 3 tools, you can improve your organization and help yourself out!