CleanJuice!: 1 – Julie’s Bedroom Closet

So, we moved into our house in 2002, and since then – Julie has probably never taken anything out of her closet… UNTIL NOW.  Since it’s Winter Break (*sniff sniff* it’s almost over), we decided to conquer the closet we had I had only dreamed of gutting and organizing!  I guided Julie through this adventure, because I said I wouldn’t do it for her.  It took about 6 hours, and included many bags of trash, about 8 bags for Goodwill, a box of books to take to Half Price Books, and a bag of clothes to take to Clothes Mentor.  We did a great job, and Julie is so happy to now have a closet that is in working order… since she never had one.  Here are the photos that outline what happened!



[Don’t mind the bunny wallpaper border, Jules hasn’t redone her room since we moved in either]


We used a few large Tupperware bins with lids, Julie’s footlocker, some drawer organizers, and some canvas bins.  She ended up with a lot more room and a lot less crap in her closet, and now she has a ton of room just waiting to be put to good use!  You can see that the closet was literally bursting at the seams, and the doors actually couldn’t close or open fully.  So proud of Julie for following through with this project and I’m happy that she did most of it while I helped and guided her through my love for organization!

More juice later! – Jen


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