Balancing Act

More and more, I find myself trying to balance a million things.  It seems like last week my professors just kept dropping surprise projects on me!  These next two weeks are going to be CRAZY, and things just keep piling on top of what I already have on my plate.  On top of that, I just got sick and am currently wanting to vacuum my nose out.

I am in no way complaining (except for about the sickness), because I love my life and what I have filled it with – but sometimes it feels like I will never be able to get it all done.  This week I have a lot of school work and projects, and on Friday we leave for Indianapolis for our first dance competition of the season.  We won’t be back until Sunday night, and then everything starts over on Monday.  Next week is even busier though because of the fact that it is Homecoming week at school.  That means a bunch fun events to go to, but it also means less time to work on my schoolwork (which is what stresses me out the most).  Then, that weekend is my 21st birthday (YAY), followed by a ton of project deadlines.  So I’m in a weird place right now where I am excited about a bunch of stuff, but also overwhelmed by a bunch of stuff.

All I can do is try to balance everything and remember what my mom once told me, that the more you get done, the less you have to do.  Even though that seems obvious, I sometimes overlook that fact.


“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”

More juice later! – Jen


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