DIY Decor: Using Wrapping Paper

As I was cleaning my room today, and of course scrolling through endless pages of organizing blogs, I came across a box and a lid to a file box that I wanted to spruce up.  I remembered that I had bought a roll of black and white damask wrapping paper a while back to make a craft with, but I had never used it.  I decided to try my hand at some DIY papering of these two items, and I believe that it turned out marvelously!

boxes DSC_0004

All I did was paper each item like I was wrapping a gift!  I think it turned out great – and I didn’t spend any money on it either since I already had all of it.  I still have a ton of that wrapping paper and will probably do similar projects with it.  You can use any wrapping paper you have, and use it on virtually any box or lid.

Have you ever done a project like this?  Or have you done another DIY project?

More juice later! – Jen


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