Hi I’m Jen (An Introduction)

An introduction makes no sense after a blog has already launched…… or does it?

Well here we go – an introduction on who I am and what the hell this blog is about (I’ll do my best on that last part).

About Me

I’m Jen (see also Jenny, JenJen, Jennifer, and JenMarks).  I am (currently) a 22-year-old recent college graduate without a full-time job.  I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Media Informatics, a minor in Marketing, and an area of concentration in Psychology.  I was a part of Theta Phi Alpha sorority during my days at NKU, and commuted to school from home.  After graduation in May, I began job searching and still have found nothing.  I still partially don’t know what I want to do with my life, and my major in college really didn’t fully prepare me for anything.  I don’t feel ready for a job in any one specific area, but am still trying with the whole job search thing.  But enough about college and the job search (that will wear you out).

I enjoy cleaning, organizing, doing crafts, DIY projects, spending money, watching Netflix, teaching tumbling, office supplies, sleeping, jewelry, online shopping, and writing in my planner.  I spend my nights and Saturdays teaching tumbling and competitive acro teams.  I spend every other waking second thinking about my small business, Chloe + Isabel by Jen Marks.  I spend almost all my time with my mother and sister who have been my everything since my father died when I was 6.  My bff Kaylyn is also basically considered a sibling too.  I love traveling (by car/roadtrip, no planes), especially to Walt Disney World, Outer Banks, and more recently New York City.

About This Blog

So, this blog basically started as a place for me to pour out some thoughts and reviews and projects – but really I have no clear basis.  I love cleaning and organizing, and would love to just blog about that – but I don’t think that that is too realistic.  You should read my blog because I am a normal person fighting normal person daily struggles and  losing in a war against Netflix.  I also actually am told often that I have good ideas, and I would really like to share those with the world.  I think I have a slightly different view of the world than the people around me, and this sets me apart.

I would really love to blog all the time and make this a larger part of my life, so I have decided to take this course, Blogging101.  I am hoping that this will keep me on my posting game and give me the push out of the nest to fly on my own! 🙂


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