I Write Because…

I write because I want to share my opinions with others.  I write because I know that there are other people in the world who function how I do and think like I do, but I’m just not currently surrounded by them.  I write because I want others to know how I think, and hopefully understand my reasoning.  I write because why not?  I write because it is my choice and I feel like it.  I write because I don’t like reading.  I write because it is meaningful to someone.  I write because I’m bored.  I write because I’m busy and need a break.  I write because sometimes I don’t want to.  I write because I’ve been told I write well.  I write because I have no full-time job.  I write because I need a creative outlet.  I write because I want to be like some other blog-famous people.  I write because I could never have a youtube vlog channel.  I write because it connects me to other people.  I write because no one ever told me not to.  I write because my coworker and I dared each other to start blogs 3 years ago.  I write because I love reading what other bloggers write.  I write because someone identifies with my feelings.  I write because I like to hear myself talk.  I write because I don’t like to be wrong.  I write because it fills my time.  I write because… I care about others and hope I can help them.


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