A Story in a Single Image

New York, New York

The City that Never Sleeps

I’m not sure I ever thought I would go to New York City.  Not that I didn’t want to, I just never thought I would go.  I am more of a “quiet-time-at-a-less-popular-beach” kind of person, not a “bustling-city-squished-between-two-smelly-people-you-don’t-know” kind of person.  But alas, July 2015 changed that.  Now I wouldn’t say that it was smooth transition or felt like home at first, it actually was quite the opposite.

We drove to NYC from our home in Cincinnati, OH.  Some people thought we were crazy, but really the drive was easy and we timed it out so we were not arriving during rush hour.  I actually got to drive into the city and it was a crazy, but invigorating experience.  We had an AWESOME hotel right in the middle of Times Square that my mom found a great deal for.  We were on the 34th floor.  It was hot and humid, and there were people everywhere.

I was physically ill the first night and the next morning.  Besides feeling like I was motion sick from being on the 34th floor, I couldn’t eat.  We went to Five Guys for dinner the first night, and I couldn’t eat a thing.  The next morning, I couldn’t eat breakfast.  But as the day went on, I felt better – and my appetite reappeared when we had lunch at Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar.  We explored some more and had an amazing time.

I couldn’t believe how much we did and didn’t do while we were there.  When we left we reminisced on everything we had done, but were also making a list for our next visit.  NYC became a place I would like to visit multiple times in my life, purely because of the energy and the sheer volume of things to do.  I miss NYC, and I’m sure it misses me.


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