Organizing the Front Closet

About a month ago, my mother and I started purging many different spaces in our home.  This included her walk-in closet, the spare bedroom, a kitchen buffet, a dining room buffet, and various other spaces.  But the Front Closet just didn’t seem to be utilized as well as it could have been.  We just cleaned it out maybe 2 years ago and got rid of a TON of stuff, but since then it has become a catch-all for our first floor.  Not sure where to put something?  Throw it in the Front Closet.  Guests coming over?  Throw everything in the Front Closet.  It’s funny what we can hid behind a door right?

So the day finally came, I decided that it needed new organization.  The problem with this closet is that we don’t use it for coats – we store those in our mudroom/laundry room.  So the biggest problem was that we needed more than just the one shelf above the hanging rod.  Now, what would be perfect for this would be a custom closet ($$$$$$).  Instead, a trip to Walmart happened.

I found some rolling wire carts ($12.99 each, I believe).  I had taken measurements of everything before I left, so I knew that 3 carts would fit inside the closet with a little room to spare.  These were pretty much perfect for this organizational project, and they can easily roll in and out of the closet if needed.  We don’t use the items stored in this closet that frequently, so this was a good solution.  I also bought a few storage bins in different sizes based on the needs of the things being stored in the closet.

Things that needed to be stored in the Front Closet:

  • Scrapbooking supplies
  • Photos
  • Winter Coats/Snowsuits
  • Greeting Cards
  • Gift bags/Tissue paper
  • Extra paper towels

So with this list in mind, I made my purchases from Walmart and went home to put this new system in use.  The carts were super easy to assemble (no tools!).  I hung a shoe organizer on the far right inside the closet (not pictured) to hold the paper towels.  Then I rolled the carts in and filled them with their respective items.  One cart is not filled yet, and I would like to keep it that way because I know that something will show up in this house and need a home.  Then I took some shower caddies and hung them from the hanging rod.  One holds some winter gloves, the second one holds car accessories (GPS, car usbs, etc.), and the third one has nothing in it currently.  The winter coats/snowsuits live in a huge bin on the top left, and the photos in a smaller bin top right.

I am hoping to keep this organized and not let it get cluttered.  I think that for right now this is our best bet for that closet, and it looks one million times better.  My inner OCD is now at peace with this space.


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