Dear Walt Disney World

Dear Walt Disney World,

You have been a facet in my life ever since I can remember. ¬†Granny and Poppy would take the family to Disney World every few years ever since I was a little kid. ¬†I can remember meeting characters and going on rides in the Magic Kingdom when I was very young. ¬†But now that I am older, I’m still just as in love with you as the first time I visited.

It is something about the atmosphere, and the kindness of everyone you meet. ¬†Something about the way it smells, and the way it makes you feel. ¬†My body aches for Disney, something I feel whenever I hear someone talking about their upcoming visit or see someone post on social media about a trip they took. ¬†It’s weird right?

Well I don’t think it is weird. ¬†I am happy to spend days upon days at the Happiest Place on Earth, and will gladly accompany anyone who wants to go. ¬†When people ask me where my favorite place to vacation is? ¬†Walt Disney World is at the top of the list.

It isn’t even just the parks. ¬†I could go to Disney and not step foot in a park and still feel the overwhelming Disney spirit. ¬†Just staying in a Disney World Resort is enough to do me in. ¬†Visiting Downtown Disney is the icing on the cake.

So Disney World, you rock don’t ever change. ¬†Well, do change. ¬†Good changes. ¬†Not some new-Avatar-land kind of changes though okay, I’m not psyched about that.

Thanks for everything,



Tips for List-Making

If you know me personally, you know I am an organizer.  I love organizing myself and taking time to write things in my planner, and I enjoy helping others with this too.  Heck, my dream job is to be a Professional Organizer.

So by this nature, I am a list-maker. ¬†I’m the one who makes a to-do list everyday, and swears by “write it down so you can cross it off.” ¬†It just helps me feel productive and successful.

Here are my top tips for list-making:

  • Give your lists titles. ¬†This will help you keep lists separate, and know exactly what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Write down everything. ¬†No task is too small when it comes to making lists. ¬†Write down tiny tasks so that you can have that accomplished feeling upon crossing them off.
  • Start a new list everyday. ¬†Starting a new list everyday will help you focus and understand what needs to get done for a given day. ¬†Transferring items that didn’t get finished the day before will help put the current day into perspective and keep items from being forgotten.
  • Keep ongoing lists. ¬†Make lists that will take time to complete, and maybe even date items as you complete them. ¬†This helps to complete larger tasks in more manageable steps.
  • Switch up where/how you make lists. ¬†I make lists in all kinds of ways: using stickers, checkboxes, with washi, crossed-off, etc. ¬†Make all kinds of lists in many different ways – you will find that some ways are better suited for one kind of list.

These are the most relevant and applicable listing tips that I use and live by, and I hope they help you too!

Quote Inspiration

‚ÄúWorry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.‚ÄĚ – Corrie Ten Boom

I’m a chronic worrier. ¬†I worry about everything, big or small. ¬†I’m getting better about it – but still worry about things I have no control over, and things that don’t really matter in the big picture. ¬†I’m getting really good at telling other people not to worry about things, and I think that that comes¬†with my slow journey back from over-worrying.

I found this quote a few years ago when I was going through a tough time. ¬†The more I read it, the more I identified with it. ¬†I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worried and worried and worried about something (which took a ton of energy), only to realize that everything turned out fine and I shouldn’t have worried in the first place.

I wish I could just get rid of my worrying all together, but I know it won’t happen like that. ¬†For now, I will continue to try to worry less and to remember this quote whenever I do start to worry.

Where I Write

I’m not picky about where I write, but I enjoy being able to look outside. ¬†For some reason I think that this helps clear my mind and allows me to think farther than just my normal thoughts and ideas. ¬†I also always have a bottle of water near me to keep me on my game. ¬†I normally write in the morning, before I get stressed out about work or everything I need to get done – sometimes I write while eating breakfast.

I long for the day (in the not too distant future) when it is cool outside and I can sit on the screen-porch and write.  The weather here in Cincinnati is still stuck between Summer and Fall, taunting me with cool days here and there.

I use my Macbook Pro (17in) and occasionally some Pandora classical music.  I need to be in a somewhat comfortable chair, but not so comfortable that I think about taking a nap.  I love to write at a table, or sometimes use a lap desk.

What do you want to see me write about? Post in the comments below!

Inspiration via Tweet

This is one of my favorite quotes, while also being something that I struggle with. ¬†I have a love/hate relationship with starting new endeavors, depending on how I feel about the matter at hand. ¬†Through experience I’ve found that it isn’t enough just to talk about something you want to do and try to hype yourself up about it. ¬†You have to take action. ¬†But it can’t stop there. ¬†I’ve found that the hardest thing to do, but the most crucial, is to continue with that action and move forward. ¬†If you want results, you have to take action everyday, and keep an open mind. ¬†Now, I should take my own advice and start something new today.

A Story in a Single Image

New York, New York

The City that Never Sleeps

I’m not sure I ever thought I would go to New York City. ¬†Not that I didn’t want to, I just never thought I would go. ¬†I am more of a “quiet-time-at-a-less-popular-beach” kind of person, not a “bustling-city-squished-between-two-smelly-people-you-don’t-know” kind of person. ¬†But alas, July 2015 changed that. ¬†Now I wouldn’t say that it was smooth transition or felt like home at first, it actually was quite the opposite.

We drove to NYC from our home in Cincinnati, OH.  Some people thought we were crazy, but really the drive was easy and we timed it out so we were not arriving during rush hour.  I actually got to drive into the city and it was a crazy, but invigorating experience.  We had an AWESOME hotel right in the middle of Times Square that my mom found a great deal for.  We were on the 34th floor.  It was hot and humid, and there were people everywhere.

I was physically ill the first night and the next morning. ¬†Besides feeling like I was motion sick from being on the 34th floor, I couldn’t eat. ¬†We went to Five Guys for dinner the first night, and I couldn’t eat a thing. ¬†The next morning, I couldn’t eat breakfast. ¬†But as the day went on, I felt better – and my appetite reappeared when we had lunch at Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar. ¬†We explored some more and had an amazing time.

I couldn’t believe how much we did and didn’t do while we were there. ¬†When we left we reminisced on everything we had done, but were also making a list for our next visit. ¬†NYC became a place I would like to visit multiple times in my life, purely because of the energy and the sheer volume of things to do. ¬†I miss NYC, and I’m sure it misses me.

Organizing the Front Closet

About a month ago, my mother and I started purging many different spaces in our home. ¬†This included her walk-in closet, the spare bedroom, a kitchen buffet, a dining room buffet, and various other spaces. ¬†But the Front Closet just didn’t seem to be utilized as well as it could have been. ¬†We just cleaned it out maybe 2 years ago and got rid of a TON of stuff, but since then it has become a catch-all for our first floor. ¬†Not sure where to put something? ¬†Throw it in the Front Closet. ¬†Guests coming over? ¬†Throw everything in the Front Closet. ¬†It’s funny what we can hid behind a door right?

So the day finally came, I decided that it needed new organization. ¬†The problem with this closet is that we don’t use it for coats – we store those in our mudroom/laundry room. ¬†So the biggest problem was that we needed more than just the one shelf above the hanging rod. ¬†Now, what would be perfect for this would be a custom closet ($$$$$$). ¬†Instead, a trip to Walmart happened.

I found some rolling wire carts ($12.99 each, I believe). ¬†I had taken measurements of everything before I left, so I knew that 3 carts would fit inside the closet with a little room to spare. ¬†These were pretty much perfect for this organizational project, and they can easily roll in and out of the closet if needed. ¬†We don’t use the items stored in this closet that frequently, so this was a good solution. ¬†I also bought a few storage bins in different sizes based on the needs of the things being stored in the closet.

Things that needed to be stored in the Front Closet:

  • Scrapbooking supplies
  • Photos
  • Winter Coats/Snowsuits
  • Greeting Cards
  • Gift bags/Tissue paper
  • Extra paper towels

So with this list in mind, I made my purchases from Walmart and went home to put this new system in use.  The carts were super easy to assemble (no tools!).  I hung a shoe organizer on the far right inside the closet (not pictured) to hold the paper towels.  Then I rolled the carts in and filled them with their respective items.  One cart is not filled yet, and I would like to keep it that way because I know that something will show up in this house and need a home.  Then I took some shower caddies and hung them from the hanging rod.  One holds some winter gloves, the second one holds car accessories (GPS, car usbs, etc.), and the third one has nothing in it currently.  The winter coats/snowsuits live in a huge bin on the top left, and the photos in a smaller bin top right.

I am hoping to keep this organized and not let it get cluttered.  I think that for right now this is our best bet for that closet, and it looks one million times better.  My inner OCD is now at peace with this space.